A person should be creative enough to make a simple logo design which should itself depict the nature of the business. It should communicate what the brand or any organization wants to convey. The logo design can be a motto, it can be a simple clip art, it can be just the brand initials put together in a creative way. But overusing or overcrowding a logo design should be avoided, as it does not appeal to the viewer and looks busy. The logo design is a 5 step process which is listed below:

Step-1: Ask : A person should be clear in mind about the brand, about the brand’s nature. He should put down all his related questions on a paper and should check the same with the brand owner. This would definitely result in a perfect logo design template. The main element of the brand can be converted into a clip art; therefore the specialty of the logo is maintained. The targeted age group can also be one of the questions, as accordingly colour schemes can be used to develop a good logo design.

Step-2: Decide : At this stage, all the queries related to logo designs are answered by the client, and the person is quite clear with the design view. He can now think of suitable options that he wants to incorporate in the logo design in order to make it simple and unique and to make one that serves the best to appeal viewers. Here all the design elements are decided, which involves colours, clip arts, mottos, initials, etc.

Step-3: Design : The design is the main stage, where all the elements as decided are taken into implementation with a lot of edits and additions. Then a perfect design is welcomed and offered to the client with various suitable options as everyone has their different perception of taking the brand image.

Step-4: Feedback : After designing the logo, people’s feedback is very important, as some feedback can really bring a change in the logo and can fill the missing part of the attraction.

Step-5: Approval : After getting the feedback incorporated, then the final logo design is submitted for approval and is checked for its uniqueness.

This is how a custom made logo design takes place. By following these 5 steps one can develop a good logo design for his own business type or for his own brand.